What will You Do This Summer?

I guess it's due to the sunshine today but I can't help day dreaming about what I plan to do this summer. There's a tamdem bike club in the area. I plan to participate in more planned group bike … [Read more...]

As You Like It!


Tons of people have ventured into the world of Facebook me included. If you've also joined the faced, Facebook-masses :-) then you'll recognize this little "Like" button which is now, due to the … [Read more...]

International Wellness Day!


NEWS RELEASE INTERNATIONAL WELLNESS DAY MONDAY 19 JULY, 2010 NATIONAL WELLNESS CONFERENCE STEVENS POINT, WISCONSINCelebrating the Globalization of Wellness. Always wondered how different it would … [Read more...]

I was worried there for a minute

In an effort to do my part to spread a good viral message, here goes: Don Ardell said that Nathan Bupp shared the following video message with him in hopes that it will "go viral". It's less than … [Read more...]

Clear Skies

Here in the Washington DC metro area we have a gray cold & rain today. I found a video that clears away the gray at least for a few minutes. Enjoy the moment. http://vimeo.com/7566422 … [Read more...]