CDC National Workplace Health and Wellness Project


      Would you like to participate in a national project to improve workplace health and wellness programs nationwide? If so, please read the following, and please send us a … [Read more...]

AARP Offers free Work Site Tools

Six short videos (www/ have been developed by AARP to provide you an orientation to, and navigation for, the Workplace Health Promotion Toolkit … [Read more...]

Brazillian Challenges as one of the Countries in the BRICS

Sâmia Aguiar Brandão Simurro Until 2050, Brazil, Russia, India, China (BRICs economies) and South Africa—could become a much larger force in the world economy. It is sad that the Brazilian economy … [Read more...]

News from Japan

A note from Toshi via Don Ardell.  Many of you know Toshi so I wanted to pass this on so you would know that he's okay. Toshi Wrote: Perhaps, you might know the earthquake that occurs in Japan. I … [Read more...]

Clarifying Wellness


As an academically trained health educator for nearly 32 years, I’ve seen my profession grow, change, become stagnant, and re-invent itself.  At one point health education was only done in high … [Read more...]