IDWellness is the International Directory of Wellness Professionals is a professional online community, open to anyone around the world who is involved in wellness.

There is no cost to participate. However, members must agree to abide by our policies to ensure professional discourse without solicitation. IDWellness seeks to include as many professionals as possible. We’re happy to provide our members with 36 language options. Each community member has the option to create a blog. Each blog may offer unique insights into the state of wellness within the members country and area of expertise. As members begin writing, reading and commenting the overall conversation will likely grow and evolve. And so, we invite you to Identify yourself as an agent for change.

When signing up please keep in mind that the default member blog address will look like this: (username.idwellness.org). With that in mind, we encourage you to use your firstlast as your user name.

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